edible rotherhithe

Edible Rotherhithe is a community garden and arts project based in Southwark, London.

What We Do

Gardening & Food Growing

We are developing a community garden as a place for local residents to visit, take part in gardening clubs and learn about growing food. We also have plans to develop a children's storytelling area, food picking and a polytunnel education space.

Woodworking & DIY

We have adapted a shipping container to run wood workshops for the public and plan to host women-only classes and sessions for community groups. Our aim is for people to be trained by local woodwork specialists to help support skills and employment opportunities.


We are developing our ceramics facilities to run a range of classes, making pots, tiles, figurative pieces and sculptures, delivered by artists and designers.

Architecture School by Toodio

20 young people living, studying or accessing community services in the local area will be able to take part in an architecture school on the Edible Rotherhithe site where they will receive a hands-on introduction and help to build structures and resources for the garden. This initiative is supported by British Land.

Recycling and Donations

We will use recycled and donated materials for our woodworking classes and Architecture School, and build our own furniture around the community garden. Martinspeed have already kindly donated lots of salvaged materials.
We have also received seeds and paint from Tesco, gardening equipment from STIHL and tools from people in the local community.

Social Media

Getting Involved


If you would like to volunteer with us or want to know more about the project, then email us at:


Workshops & Events

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About Us

Our Mission

Edible Rotherhithe works to develop people’s skills, confidence, wellbeing and employment and education opportunities through food growing, carpentry and arts & crafts.

We will be working with local schools and community groups to run gardening and food education classes while increasing access to green space.

Our Team

  • Project Manager Christina Wheatley
  • Ceramics Tutor Melina Xenaki
  • Toodio Architecture School Cìaran Malik
    Lottie McCarthy
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